The 2017 TAP Customer Service Satisfaction Survey included 28 Central Administration units, across areas led by a vice president, vice provost, executive director, or chancellor. Its aim was to enhance the culture of service in UW’s central administration units, and to know and understand customer needs and expectations.

Provost Gerald Baldasty has asked that units begin working on a plan for acting on the survey results. For units who received excellent marks across the board, how will you sustain that excellence? If units' results were unclear, or raised questions, how will you gather insight so you know where to focus? If there were clear areas for improvement, how will you prioritize and address them?


Review Post-Survey Toolkit

       Wednesday, April 26, 9.30-11am in Gerberding 142

View presentation: UC San Diego presents survey results

      Wednesday, May 24, 9-11am in Gerberding 142

     Thursday, May 25, 10-12 in Gerberding 142 (audio presentation available here, via UW NetID only)

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