What is TAP?

The key goal of TAP is simple — to enhance the culture of service in UW’s central administration units. To focus and continue our improvement efforts to bring the University's often siloed administrative units together to work as one university administration, with a common vision, a culture of service, and a commitment to continuous improvement. 

Who is involved?

The Transforming Administration Program (TAP) encompasses all central administrative units (those led by Vice Presidents and Vice Provosts). The work will build on existing efforts around UW Strategic Consulting, LEAN, and the work of change management and organizational development professionals throughout the units.

Who is TAP and How Does it Work? 

THE TAP TEAM–made up of vice presidents, vice provosts and other senior leaders—is focused on:  

  • Leading major, high-impact efforts that transform areas that no one unit can address alone, such as finance, research and student systems
  • Inspiring and supporting continuous improvement, convening a community of practice of service ambassadors, sharing tools and celebrating success
  • Ensuring we measure effectiveness and hold ourselves accountable, advising leaders on administrative priorities and accountability measures, including regular surveys and resulting action planning

TAP SERVICE AMBASSADORS–comprised of representatives from each of the major central administrative units–are focused on: 

  • Leading continuous improvement projects in their units—one or more per year
  • Sharing tools, ideas and practices with campus colleagues in a community of practice
  • Providing front-line ideas and insight to the TAP team on key issues

Through the efforts of these two groups, the UW is working on administrative transformation from both the top down and the bottom up, recognizing service excellence, holding ourselves accountable, and ensuring that we are continuously improving. 

2019 Central Admin Unit Customer Survey 

As a follow-up to previous surveys, TAP conducted a survey in January and February 2019. Results are anticipated in late Spring 2019.

Previous Surveys

The 2017 TAP Customer Service Satisfaction Survey included 28 central administration units, across areas led by a vice president, vice provost, executive director, or chancellor. Its aim was to enhance the culture of service in UW’s central administration units, and to learn and understand customer needs and expectations. Learn more at the Survey Results home page.

The 2015 TAP internal survey included five open-ended questions and heavily relied on qualitative data. The survey was sent to the President’s Cabinet, Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts and cascaded to their staff. A high level summary of the survey results can be reviewed here.