The TAP Team is in the planning phase for our second tri-campus TAP Customer Satisfaction Survey, scheduled for winter 2019.

TAP Ambassadors

This role manages and supports the service improvement work (action plan development and execution) that results from the survey reports.

TAP Survey Liaisons

New this year, this role serves as a single point person between a respective unit and the TAP survey team. This person is familiar with all of the unit’s services and can readily communicate with the unit leader and relevant team members.

TAP Survey Contributors


TAP Admin Unit Survey Service Selection Guide 

Service Identification Guidelines PPT (Spring Meeting, May 30, 2018) 

2018-2019 Roles 

Unit TAP Ambassador TAP Survey Liaison
Academic Personnel Peg Stuart Peg Stuart
Academic Student Affairs Marcus Hirsch Marisa Nickle
Capital Planning and Development Teresa Doherty Renee Taculad
CoMotion Lara Littlefield Lara Littlefield
Compliance and Risk Services Kelly Johnson Kelly Johnson
Continuum College Bethany Staelens Jennifer Buck
Controller Vincent Lau Vincent Lau
Enrollment Management Matt Saavedra, Tim Wold Matt Saavedra, Tim Wold
Enterprise Services/Creative Communications Kerry Kahl Kerry Kahl
Executive Office Kim Dinh Kim Dinh
External Affairs Jill Corrales Jill Corrales
Facilities Services MaryJo Blahna  
Finance and Administration Admin Units Emily Drevecky Vickie Sheehan
Global Affairs Sara Stubbs Sara Stubbs
Graduate School Helene Obradovich Helene Obradovich
Health Sciences Administration Kelly Johnson Kelly Johnson
Human Resources (UWHR) Lee Davis, Gwyneth Parmar Gwyneth Parmar
Information Technology (UW IT) Felicia Watson Felicia Watson
Libraries/Digital Initiatives Bryna Liberman Jackie Belanger
Minority Affairs and Diversity (OMAD) Jan Kendle, Peter Scott Gabriel Gallardo
Planning and Budgeting (OPB) Linda Eskenazi Linda Eskenazi
Research Linda Gamman Linda Gamman
Student Life Kathi Cordova Kathi Cordova
Treasury  Chris Malins Alana Askew
Undergraduate Academic Affairs Jodene Davis, Sylvie Lapointe, Nanette Rosenthal Nanette Rosenthal
UW Bothell Therese Zorich Therese Zorich
UW Tacoma Richard Wilkinson Richard Wilkinson

2019 TAP Customer Satisfaction Survey

For more information, please review the 2019 Survey Timeline.

Information and Support

The TAP Ambassadors and TAP Survey Liaisons are managed by UW Strategic Consulting.

For questions and support, please email assessuw@uw.edu.