• LuAnn Stokke (Project Leader), Director, Strategic Planning and Chief of Staff, Facilities Services
  • Anne Winkelman, Director, Academic Human Resources
  • Cara Giacomini, Senior Research Scientist, UW Information Technology
  • Cheryl Haycox, Grant Analyst Manager, Grant and Contract Accounting
  • Gayle Christensen, Assistant Vice Provost, Office of Global Affairs
  • Gwyneth Parmar, HR Readiness Manager, HR Admin and Info Systems
  • Kathi Cordova, Director of Finance and Administration, Student Life
  • Kathryn Daughhetee, Director, Finance and Administration, Office of External Affairs
  • Kevin Kramer, Strategic Initiatives Analyst, Facilities Services
  • Linda Gamman, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Communication, Office of Research
  • Nana Lowell, Director, Office of Educational Assessment
  • Tina Schlotfeldt-Padilla, Manager, Procurement Customer Service, Procurement Services
  • Ujima Donalson, Executive Director, Professional & Organizational Development

Organizational Excellence Support:

  • Tyler DuLam, Administrator and Consultant
  • Jason Kalivas, Consultant
  • Elise Glassman, Project Manager