Each unit has one or more TAP Ambassador, which are either designated by the unit, or self- identified, as change agents for administrative improvements.

Ambassadors engage with the TAP Survey and the resulting action plans. They are also asked to champion continuous improvement every year and to share their efforts with TAP. Ambassadors are also a part of a community of practice which shares success stories and best practices.

Ambassadors attend regular workshops focused on continuous improvement, case studies, and peer feedback. Interested in attending a meeting or becoming an Ambassador? Please contact Strategic Consulting.

TAP Survey Liaisons

New in 2018, the TAP Survey Liaison serves as a single point person between a respective unit and the TAP survey team. This person is familiar with all of the unit’s services and can readily communicate with the unit leader and relevant team members.

Ambassador and Liaison Resources

Information and Support

The TAP Ambassadors and TAP Survey Liaisons are managed by UW Strategic Consulting.

For questions and support, please email the team.