Deliver a high level of service to customers by collaborating effectively with stakeholders across campus and facilitating employee Human Resources (HR), Academic HR and Payroll (PR) inquiries and transactions in an efficient, accurate and compliant manner

TAP Advisors

Dave Anderson, Marie Carter-Dubois, Curtis Colvin, Dave Eaton, Lisa Graumlich, Cindy Gregovich, Heidi Tilghman

Scope of Services

  • HR, Academic HR and Payroll support for faculty, staff and students
  • Facilitation of transactional processes (e.g., HCM Business Process approvals, reviews, corrections)
  • Inquiry support for employees, managers and departmental specialists

Strategic Imperatives

  • Enhanced Customer Service - Serve as a single point of contact and eliminate unnecessary hand-offs by building cross functional competencies - Accurately address customer inquiries by providing end-to-end insight across the HR, Academic HR and Payroll domains
  • Improved Efficiency - Ensure that the right people/areas are engaged in the right steps of processes to drive improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • Timely Delivery - Avoid over-complicating design and deployment by focusing on enhancing areas that provide the most near-term value to customers of HR, Academic HR and Payroll processes
  • Continuous Improvement - Develop competencies and capabilities that address existing and emerging requirements over time (e.g., support roll-out of new functionality) within Integrated Service Center and for Campus partners