Below are results for core services as identified by the unit.  Each chart shows mean scores for each of seven questions.  The seven questions include an overall question and performance in specific customer service areas.  Each question was rated on a scale from extremely unsatisfied to extremely satisfied.

  • Onboarding and transitioning high school students into college: Support for first-year students--expectations, needed information, orientation, and advising
  • Transition of students from lower division to upper division: Advise students on choosing a meaningful major

Acting on Results

UW Tacoma Heard You!

In response to survey results, here are a few of the improvements UW Tacoma is pursuing
  • Working with stakeholders through collaborative design to identify those Finance & Administration (F&A) services about which they would most want to provide feedback. 
  • Collecting the data, which will be collated by the data collection team, and then shared with selected stakeholders, in a problem-solving strategy session. 
  • Developing a range of solutions addressing the identified issues, such as bottlenecks, problematic communication, or lack of training. 
These changes should benefit customers and campus partners by:  
  • Providing comprehensive customer service feedback on services stakeholders care most about. 
  • Compiling a prioritized list of improvements in key frontline services provided by F&A, along with initial action steps.
UW Tacoma Service Ambassador: Richard Wilkinson