Below are results for core services as identified by the unit.  Each chart shows mean scores for each of seven questions.  The seven questions include an overall question and performance in specific customer service areas.  Each question was rated on a scale from extremely unsatisfied to extremely satisfied.

  • CLUE Drop-In Tutoring Center: Late night, multi-disciplinary study center that offers drop-in tutoring, discussion, exam review sessions, and a writing center. Located in Mary Gates Hall on the Seattle Campus
  • IASystem Course Evaluations: Student ratings of  UW courses
  • ScorePak Test Scoring Services: Scanning, scoring, and reporting of classroom exams
  • UW Testing Center: Placement and certification testing for UW students

Acting on Results

Undergraduate Academic Affairs Heard You!

In response to survey results, here are a few of the improvements UAA is pursuing:

Office of Educational Assessment (OEA) 
  • Improving IASystem training and user experience by offering links to additional resources.
  • Adding the ability for instructors to create and manage their course evaluation.
  • Enhancing communication with faculty through quarterly emails. 
  • Addressing concerns about response rates by offering updated best practices. 
Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment (CLUE) 
  • Offering regular opportunities to provide feedback to tutors.
  • Improving communication with students about our services and updates.  
These changes should benefit customers and campus partners by:  
  • Making it easier to use IASystem.
  • Providing additional feedback to faculty and tutors so they can continuously improve.
  • Better informing students of available resources and how to access them. 
Undergraduate Academic Affairs Service Ambassadors: Jodene Davis, Sylvie Lapointe and Nanette Rosenthal