Below are results for core services as identified by the unit.  Each chart shows mean scores for each of seven questions.  The seven questions include an overall question and performance in specific customer service areas.  Each question was rated on a scale from extremely unsatisfied to extremely satisfied.

  • UW Video: Video production, video engineering, and media distribution services. Live streaming, event capture, short-form video, post-production services, satellite transmission, and studio rentals

Acting on Results

External Affairs Heard You!

In response to survey results, here are a few of the improvements External Affairs is pursuing:

  • Adopting an organizational effectiveness tool available through the HR POD team to better understand the customer experience from the customer’s point of view.
  • More effectively using websites and online documentation.
  • Shortening turnaround time for responding to requests. 
These changes should benefit customers and campus partners by:  
  • Improving the overall customer service experience.
  • Making more comprehensive information about UW Video and its services available on the UW Video website, reducing time spent making personal or email inquiries.
  • Shortening the response time on open inquiries. 
External Affairs/UW Video Service Ambassador: Jill Corrales