Below are results for core services as identified by the unit.  Each chart shows mean scores for each of seven questions.  The seven questions include an overall question and performance in specific customer service areas.  Each question was rated on a scale from extremely unsatisfied to extremely satisfied.

  • Equipment Insurance: Online program that provides optional, low-cost insurance coverage to UW departments for owned, leased or borrowed equipment used for UW work
  • Worker's Compensation Claim Services: Worker's compensation claims and the return-to-work process for employees with restrictions. Serves as a liaison between UW, L&I, employee, department, vocational counselor and the medical provider(s)

Acting on Results

Compliance and Risk Services Heard You!

In response to survey results, here are a few of the improvements Compliance and Risk Services is pursuing:

  • Offering multiple communication channels (phone, email, fax, in-person, in-service) for those in need of worker’s compensation claim services.
  • Providing streamlined to-do lists and claim-filing instructions on the worker’s compensation claim services website.
  • Measuring traffic, tracking visitor footsteps, and conduct polling to understand customer needs on the Equipment Insurance System website. 
These changes should benefit customers and campus partners by:  
  • Providing more opportunities to more easily and quickly serve those in need of worker’s compensation claim services.
  • Understanding and improving the experience of those using the Equipment Insurance System website.  
Compliance and Risk Services Service Ambassador: Natalie Kirstein