Engage People

In our work we foster active and meaningful involvement of staff and key stakeholders at all levels of the University and from a variety of roles

  • Seek feedback and engage staff in communicating issues, identifying problems and finding solutions that create significant improvements
  • Demonstrate and support honest, open communication and respectful conflict resolution
  • Recognize and celebrate success and learn from failure

Realize Efficiency and Effectiveness

In our work we continuously look for ways to measurably make our programs, services and processes better meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders

  • Support and manage change, question the status quo
  • Create a culture that looks to find solutions, constructively confronts issues and makes and follows decisions
  • Proactively share and adapt both internal and external best practices
  • Standardize wherever possible - design for the whole, not the exceptions
  • Work across central administrative units and processes to eliminate redundancy

Deliver Value

In our work we understand our collective role is to serve students and faculty by delivering quality administrative services, assuring compliance and reducing the administrative burden for everyone across the University

  • Build trust across the University through action and results
  • Align and prioritize programs and services with UW Strategy and TAP Standards
  • Develop measures to communicate and manage unit, department and cross central administration performance
  • Strive for action over perfection through use of pilots and testing to check and fine tune solutions
  • Demonstrate transparency by practicing clear communication, accountability and operating so that it is easy for others to see our actions and performance