1.  What is TAP?

The key goal of TAP is simple — to enhance the culture of service in UW’s central administration units.

In the past 6 to 7 years, the University has made progress toward increasing administrative effectiveness; however, we need to focus and continue our improvement efforts to bring the University's often siloed administrative units together to work as one university administration with a common vision, culture of service and a commitment to continuous improvement.

The Transforming Administration Program (TAP) encompasses all central administrative units (those led by Vice Presidents and Vice Provosts) and focuses on excellence and quality of services, quick delivery and ease of navigation. This work builds on existing efforts around Organizational Excellence, Lean, and the work of change management and organizational development professionals and expertise throughout the units.


2.  When did it start?

Spring 2015


3.  How does TAP decide what projects to take on?

  • TAP determines projects in a number of ways:
  • Through campus input (e.g. the summer 2015 TAP survey)
  • By needs identified by senior leadership centrally and in units
  • Through individual feedback provided through the website/email
  • By considering the time/resources required and benefits delivered balanced against other priorities


4.  How do TAP’s efforts make us better as a University?

Those served by administration – faculty, students and staff – will realize an enhanced culture of service through:

  • Improved and streamlined services with less duplication
  • Standardized approaches to similar activities (e.g. use of calendars, approach to internal communications)
  • Ease of locating information and tools (e.g. administrative portal)
  • Better utilization of space
  • And much more


5.  How do we know TAP will make us better?

We are creating a set of metrics to show improvement – metrics that show progress toward meeting our goals and milestones and show results such as through improved survey responses and time/cost savings. These metrics are currently under development and will be posted when available.


6.  Will TAP impact staffing?

The goal for TAP is to create one university/one administration with streamlined processes and reduced duplication of work, which may result in work being done centrally vs. in multiple places (e.g. centralizing internal change support resources). Gains made by streamlining or consolidation will largely result in redeploying staff or not back filling positions vacated through attrition.


7.  What is TAP doing now?

Please see the current list of projects on the TAP Scorecard.


8.  What are the TAP priorities for this year?

UW's current 33 year old payroll system has significant operational inefficiencies and service deficits. This new Workday system will provide a standardized system to manage HR and Payroll, and lays the groundwork for future system modernization.  


9.  Will any savings from the improvements be kept in the central unit or reassigned to Central Administration?

Any true savings (i.e. not cost avoidance) will be considered for reallocation by the Provost for potential investment in high priority areas. These decisions will be made by the Provost through discussion with the Vice Provost or Vice President, guided by institutional priorities.


10.  Is this a “flavor of the month”?

The University has a long history of improvement using a variety of methodologies including Total Quality Improvement and Lean and supported by offices with evolving names including Organizational Effectiveness, RAPID (Office of Research), Professional and Organizational Development (HR), Operational Excellence (Finance & Facilities), and many more. TAP is sponsored by the Provost and President as a key strategy in the Sustainable Academic Business Plan (begun in 2010) and continuing to this day. Improving administration is an evergreen goal and is supported by the Provost’s Office.


11.  How do we find out more?

  • See our TAP Scorecard.
  • Invite a TAP team member or Organizational Excellence staff member to present to your unit (30 minute presentation with 15 Q&A). Contact TAP email to arrange.


12.  How can I help?

Contact TAP through the website/email: tapteam@uw.edu


13.  How can I provide input (positive and constructive feedback)?

Contact TAP through the website/email: tapteam@uw.edu