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The key goal of the Transforming Administration Program (TAP) is to enhance the culture of service in UW’s central administration units (those led by Vice Presidents and Vice Provosts), as well as the Attorney General's office and Executive Offices. TAP sponsors the Culture of Service Program, and Organizational Excellence is the program's implementer. Each central administration unit has appointed at least one Culture of Service (COS) Ambassador.

In 2015, TAP conducted a limited survey of central services, and found opportunities in:
  • Responsiveness
  • Knowledge/Understanding
  • Customer Service Focus 
  • Consistency
  • Accessibility 

What is a Culture of Service?

A Culture of Service is a shared purpose where everyone is focused on delivering value for others inside and outside their organization and across the University.

  • Customer service
    • Know and understand customer needs
    • Follow customer service standards
    • Everyone responsible for the customer's experience
  • Operational effectiveness
    • Staff have tools to identify and solve operational issues
    • Work across units and departments to streamline and eliminate bureaucracy
  • Employee satisfaction
    • Engaged and supportive leadership
    • Clear performance measures based on standards

There are 3 key interlocking pieces to this culture. See what leadership brainstormed as conditions under which employees do their best work.



Ambassadors facilitate the development of a Culture of Service for their department. The Culture of Service Consultant and the Organizational Excellence team support the Ambassadors in this work. 

Ambassador Goals:

  • Create a culture where employee input/innovation is encouraged
  • Ensure that customer feedback systems are in place and working well for all core services
  • Make process and system improvements to enhance service
  • Set service standards, communicate them to employees and customers, and hold employees accountable for them
  • Incorporate service into hiring, onboarding, training, performance management, websites, mission, strategies, projects, etc.

What's happening now? Among the Ambassadors' first tasks are to:

  • Facilitate communication about Culture of Service (COS) to all staff in their organization
  • Identify the full list of core services for their department
  • Begin incorporating COS into ongoing strategy, training, projects, etc. in their department
  • Identify customer needs for each core service and feedback mechanisms to determine how well those needs are being met

Tools to Facilitate Organizational Development

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